The Daughter of Frost – Illustrated Edition

The Daughter of Frost Book Cover

The Daughter of Frost
A Fairy Tale by Nick Davis
Illustrated by Terra Bidlespacher 

The Daughter of Frost, is an illustrated fantasy story of innocence, magic, music and love.

“Once Upon a Time in a land far far away the Fairy of Spring and Jack Frost had a daughter they named Aneira. Who they gave to a childless Woodcutter and his wife so their daughter could experience the love and affection of mortal parents. This is her story, a classic fairy tale of good and evil, winter, love and the power of innocence…”

Do you believe in Fairy Tales and the power of Once Upon A Time? My Daughter does and The Daughter of Frost is a story I wrote for her, so I could share the magic of fairy tales with her.

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